Our Mission

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E2E’s mission is to:

  • Provide print and e-books to high poverty school and class libraries from preschool to high school.
  • Develop a professional library for teachers with suggestions for collaborating to learn and improve instruction so teachers can prepare students to meet 21st century needs by developing problem solvers, expert readers and writers, expert users of technology, collaborators, and creative thinkers.

The Statistics Support Our Mission

  • Each year 1.3 million high school students drop out due to poor reading and writing skills; more than half are students of color (Alliance for Excellent Education, 2010).
  • Students reading achievement on standardized tests correlates with the amount of independent reading they do (Allington, 2009; Gambrell, Marinak, Brooker, McCrea-Andrew, 2012; Krashen, 1994; Manning, Lewis & Lewis, 2010).
  • Exemplary classroom teachers who continually update themselves on the research of how children learn provide the kind of expert instruction that improves students’ reading skill (Allington, 2002; Allington, Johnson, & Day, 2002; Strong, Ward, & Grant, 2012).

“It may be that reading achievement is less about ability than it is about the opportunity to read. Only with the practice and the expertise that comes from sufficient opportunities to engage in independent silent reading will students read their full literacy potential.” Gambrell, Marinak, Brooker, & McCrea-Andrews (2011)