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Dear Mrs. Robb,

Thank you so much for your generous contribution to VACDES! I teach second grade and received a wide variety of new books to use with my students. The books were high interest and very engaging, and my students were delighted with them! My students and I so appreciate your kindness and generosity. Thank you again!

Anakristen Jones

Second Grade Teacher
Virginia Avenue Charlotte DeHart Elementary School


Thank you so much for your donation to Virginia Avenue! The amount of books we were able to purchase was fantastic. The students were absolutely ecstatic to be the first to read these brand new books! We so appreciate your willingness to support our efforts at VACDES. People such as you make our jobs easier.

Thank you again.


Lisa Curtin
1st Grade, V.A.C.D.E.S.

Dear Laura,

I worked with you during your Scholastic presentation in Dallas, TX, where I lived until recently moving “home”. Your ideas were amazing and I have used many of your published books in my design lessons. I am working diligently on compiling my own Writing Strategies book, “WRITE WITH ME” to submit for publication through Scholastic, as you suggested then.

I am now teaching Extension Learning classes with Winchester City Schools. I am happy to “be home” again and using your teaching tools to extend our readers and writers.

The books you purchased for Virginia Avenue have really helped to differentiate reading lessons and to create interest based research lessons for our students. I guided whole group readers with the book, TOILETS, as an attention grabbing invention as we explored non-fiction text features. They then chose other invention books and formed literature circles to explore together. This then lead to their own research, independently web-based, to report, present, and teach to others. We did the same with the career books and the continents.

Thanks for always finding ways to make your mark on our communities of readers and writers!


Julie Constantino

Extension Teacher


In my second grade classroom your books made a huge impact! Many reluctant readers became more interested in reading because of the new, colorful updated book selection. The boys in particular we’re inspired to read because they had more interesting nonfiction books to choose from. Moreover, many of my students said they were more motivated to earn their Eagle Star Reader hat because they had more book choices. Thank you for your generous donation; it will continue to make a positive impact at our school for many years to come!

Sonja Sneddon

Second Grade Teacher, VACDES