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Facts About U.S. Education

About Our Children

  • 7000 high school students drop out of school every day because of weak reading and writing skills and failing grades.
  • 50% of children in the U.S. do not receive preschool education and arrive in kindergarten with weak literacy skills.

Conclusion: To achieve in the 21st century and beyond, schools need to improve literacy instruction in elementary and middle school and have preschool for all children so everyone enters kindergarten with a strong literacy background.

About Access to Print and E-Books

  • Engaged and Motivated Readers spend a significantly more time reading at school and home.
  • The volume of reading students complete is critical to achievement.

Conclusion: Enlarge school libraries’ collections and include e-books and print books; develop classroom libraries in English language arts classrooms of 1500 to 2000 books in order to impact students’ learning and achievement.

About Our Schools

  • More than 125 school districts no longer have a school librarian because of budget cuts. This means that a trained and highly skilled person won’t be available to order books, to help students find books, and to support research and problem solving projects.
  • U.S. students ranked 17 in reading on the PISA test and the NAEP scores in reading have remained flat since 1992.

Conclusion: Improve Instruction in Schools.
Fund school librarians, for they are essential to supporting reading and research in a school. Provide ongoing professional learning at the building level because studies show that it’s the teacher who makes a difference in students’ learning and achievement. Teachers can improve instruction when they read and discuss with colleagues professional books about best teaching practices for 21st century learners.